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JR & Nagoya Subway Map


It would not be easy to book your hotel room in Nagoya, because this conference days coincide with Aichi EXPO2005. In fact, majour hotels are already fully occupied. Please make your reservation as soon as possible.

We would like to keep you posted on the Web.
Now we provide special information of this hotel on accommodations.
Please fax in reservation form (MS Word, PDF) directly to these hotels (first-come-first-served basis).
  • Business Hotel Inaho, 6,200JPY - 15,000JPY per night.
    May 18: 55 rooms, May 19: 55 rooms and May20: 55 rooms.

Kanayama Area
Kanayama area is located south of center of Nagoya. Here is the nearest twon from the conference place, and it is easy to access from Nagoya station and Sakae.

Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Kanayama (6,800JPY -)

Nagoya Kanayama Washington Hotel Plaza (7,200JPY -)

Kanayama Plaza Hotel (in Japanese) (6,300JPY -)

Hotel Iroha (in Japanese) (5,500JPY -)

Sakae Area
You will find what you want in Sakae, Nagoya's downtown area, whether it's nightlife, shopping, dining, art or entertainment. You can go to conference place by Meijou subway line (9 min.).

Nagoya Tokyu Hotel (17,325JPY -)

Nagoya Sakae Tokyu INN (8,925JPY -)

PARCO Creston Hotels Nagoya (in Japanese) (9,975JPY -)

Hotel Trusty Nagoya (in Japanese) (8,400JPY -)

Hotel Astir (in Japanese) (7,665JPY -)

R&B Nagoya Nishiki (in Japanese) (6,900JPY)

R&B Nagoya Sakae Higashi (in Japanese) (6,090JPY)

Hotel Econo Nagoya Sakae (in Japanese) (5,985JPY -)

Nagoya Station Area
Nagoya Station is the main transit point for those arriving and departing Nagoya via train. It is here that the Shinkansen, JR, Meitetsu and Kintetsu train lines converge with the Higashiyama and Sakura-dori subway lines. JR Chuou line and Meijou subway line is comfortable to access to the conference place (3 min. + 2 min.).

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel (20,000JPY -)

Tsuchiya Hotel (13,650 -)

Meitetsu Grand Hotel (9,800JPY-)

Hotel Sunroute Nagoya (8,820JPY-)

Ekimae Mont Blanc Hotel (7,560JPY -)

Hotel Castle Plaza (in Japanese) (10,972JPY -)

Dormy Inn Nagoya (in Japanese) (7,035JPY -)

Hotel Sun Plaza (in Japanese) (6,800JPY -)

Sanco Inn Naoya (in Japanese) (6,700JPY -)

Nagoya Summit Hotel (in Japanese) (6,500JPY -)

Nagoya Flower Hotel (in Japanese) (6,300JPY -)

Business Hotel CALM (in Japanese) (5,490JPY -)

Miyuki Station Hotel (in Japanese) (5,000JPY -)

Fushimi Area
Located between Nagoya station and Sakae, Fushimi is a hub for business and nightlife. Higashiyama and Meijyo subway line is comfortable to access to the conference place(2 min. + 9 min.).

Hilton Nagoya (17,000 JPY- )

Nagoya Kanko Hotel (8,000 JPY- )

Nagoya Hamilton Hotel (5,000JPY -)

Roynet Hotel Nagoya (in Japanese) (8,500JPY -)

Sun Hotel Nagoya vis Shirakawa (in Japanese) (6,825JPY -)

Nagoya B's Hotel (in Japanese) (5,400JPY -)

Nagoya Rolen Hotel (in Japanese) (4,500 JPY- )

Other Place

The Westin Nagoya Castle (16,000JPY -)

Excel Inn Naoya Atsuta (in Japanese) (6,000JPY -)

Ryokan Shochiku (in Japanese) (6,300JPY -)

Hotel&Hall Ohsu Plazza (in Japanese) (7,245JPY -)

Electronic travel agency

Rakuten TRABEL

Let's study Japanese !

(Please install Japanese fonts)

Japanese for hotel reservation
‹qŽº guest room ‚¨–¼‘O name
h”‘ stay “ž’…“ú arrival day
—¿‹àor‰¿Ši price ”‘ nights
—\–ñ reservation l” number of person
‰~ Japanese yen “d˜b”ԍ† telephon number
˜aŽº Japanese style room ZŠ address
—mŽº Western style room ƒVƒ“ƒOƒ‹ single
“d˜b telephone ƒ_ƒuƒ‹ double
ƒtƒ@ƒbƒNƒX FAX ƒcƒCƒ“ twin
ƒ[ƒ‹ mail (e-mail) ‹Ö‰Œ no smoking
‘—M send ’©H breakfast
ƒCƒ“ƒ^[ƒlƒbƒg internet ’n} map
ƒIƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“ online ƒAƒNƒZƒX access

Twon name‚“ in Nagoya
–¼ŒÃ‰® Nagoya ‰h Sakae
•šŒ© Fushimi ‹àŽR Kanayama
‹v‰®‘å’Ê Hisayaoodori ŠÛ‚Ì“à Marunouchi
¼‚‘  Nishitakakura “ú”ä–ì Hibino

If you have any troubles about hotel reservation, we can help you. Please ask local committees.

QCAV 2005, 7th international Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision, May 18-20, 2005, Japan